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FRED T01 - brass and green
Balance - Sobriety - Detail
Having taken inspiration from the triptych
‘‘beauty-sobriety-quality’’ (Saint Benedict),
BURYCOUSIN atelier bases its designs on invisible geometries such as the golden ratio.
The FRED T.01 table uses these relationships of proportions both in its details and its whole. The result is a mysteriously beautiful and light simplicity.
Genuine Materials
Using materials which do not lie.
Natural stone and metal are cut and treated to reveal their sensory qualities: the polished veins of marble and brass may in turn appear rough or smooth.
Playing with light and shadow.
The marble from Veria (Greece) has been carefully selected to limit material waste. The metal legs enhance the tabletop through a contrast of colours and lightness.
Local Expertise - Guenine Know-How
This table is the result of intuitive research and dialogue with two Belgian craftsmen/workshops. The intuition that marble and brass would have a complementary effect : the very thin metal legs are a delicate support for the stone, so it makes both materials more elegant together.
In coordinating their work, the two craftsmen who contributed to this unique creation applied the same logic:
Heymans Tech. (Brass) / Ets. Bertrand (Marble work)
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